ARN stands for AMFI Registration Number which refers to a unique code given to every mutual fund seller, broker, agent or intermediary. The intermediary party has to abide by all the terms and conditions as mentioned in the Seller’s code of Conduct. These guidelines have been laid by SEBI in order to ensure that the distributors comply with the undertaking as mentioned in the application form.

It comes as an identity card with photograph, address, ARN code and validity of the ARN code. If you are a corporate, then you will receive a registration letter having your ARN code, ARN code validity and, name of the corporate. The employees of such corporations are issued with a EUIN card which holds corresponding details. There is a provision for senior citizens to get the ARN code through Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

ARN Code basically enables a qualified distributor or broker who possesses ARN Code to sell the mutual funds.

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